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  • Meric Ekren

8 Self-care tips on International Women's Day


8 March; What a great day to celebrate our female embodiment, cherish our sensitivity and feel empowered!

In my work, I meet with incredible women from all walks of life. Each has unique qualities of beauty, power and wisdom. The most common feedback I receive is how our yoga sessions is their 'only' time to be with themselves as they navigate their busy lives.

Too often as women, we multi-task, give attention to those around us but not enough to ourselves. Day after day, we support and nurture our significant others yet have a hard time taking care of their own needs.

As we self-neglect, the well dries up, we get irritable, experience difficulty in sleeping and develop eating disorders.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Self-care is not a luxury but a personal responsibility for women. It promotes self-worth and positively impacts how we see ourselves internally.

#1 Sleep

Rest so that your body is able to restore its daily wear & tear. Sleep promotes hormonal balance, restoration and keep us young ;-)

#2 Walk away

Leave any person/ situation that is toxic or filled with criticism. Stay away from people who are negative and unsupportive. Surround yourself with positive energy. Spend time with people who seek personal growth and appreciate you as you are.

#3 Practice pelvic exercises

Ageing begins in pelvic floor. It is a crucial area for overall health and hormonal balance. Keep your pelvis toned and strong via pelvic lift exercises or Bandhas we use in yoga postures.

#4 Pamper yourself

Indulge your senses with relaxing essential oils. Get massages or other alternative therapies.

Visit an art gallery and feel the inspiration coming from paintings and arts. Fill your living space with vibrant plants.

#5 Move your body

Do yoga. It is multivitamin for inner stability. Crate space in your body by opening up your muscles and joints. It'll leave you feel energised and unburdened.

#6 Allocate time for self-inquiry

Attend to your own emotional needs. How does my heart feel? Is anything weighing me down? How can I show up for myself better? What do I really want?

#7 Manage your stress : Breathe& Meditate

Take a deep breath. Lungs are part of our emotional expression. We cry, sigh or laugh through the lungs. Anger or grief can show up in the way we breathe.

Find stillness and stay there for a few minutes. Scan your body from toes to head . Your body will naturally re-charge because you showed up for it. 

#8 Dance & celebrate your feminine essence

Women are born to dance! Shake your booty to your favorite song. Love your curves. Colour your nails, put your favourite dress on even if there is no special occasion for it.

The world is a better place when women are happy so take care of your wellbeing. Not only will it make you feel better, but having filled your own cup, you will actually have more to give others.

On this special day, I extend my love to All women whom I know or yet to know.

Happy Women's Day!


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