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  • Meric Ekren

Renewal & Resilience- during Lockdown

I know that I have been silent on the blog front.

I pressed pause...

The world around me was changing, internal & external paradigms were shifting, old belief systems were beginning to collapse. I just had to observe, assimilate & digest.

What a whirlwind we went through. I saw an instagram post the other day - at this point, I won't even be surprised if dinosaurs make a return. "

it made me laugh loud :-).

Today, the timing feels right to share this blog as we began the count down for 15 June in Norway- where certain things will go back to normal and/or re-emerge into the 'new now'.

This virus certainly asked the attention of every being on the planet to deeply listen.

It pointed us toward a new meaning.

For what began as a two-week quarantine somehow turned into a three-months isolation and effected the lives of many. At the same, it forced us to move in a positive, new direction.

I certainly got my share.

Here are some new ways I learned to work with and re-affirmations of what has always been helpful & meaningful.

Virtual Practices & Its Gifts

images by Level 3 group

Let me begin by saying; I am grateful for the brains & services behind Zoom, FaceTime, Whatsapp and the rest.

I Thank All who were present with me during our virtual experience over the last three months. Our classes served both those surrounded by many who yearn for space and the ones who are lonely and longing for the grace of social connection. 

Through your willingness to continue our classes online, I learned that there are different ways of teaching. You reminded me that my work is my most creative project; so I wrote down meditation scripts, sequenced new workout programmes to support our Ashtanga Yoga practice. It was even more refreshing to see that I could extend the teachings from the comfort of my home to yours. 

Yoga Practice 

The yoga mat is always my happy place and it's been a source of immense joy and support throughout this pandemic - offering me a constant space for peace and hope. As I slowed down my practice with longer breaths and took more time in postures, my most ancient friend was even more generous with its teachings. I Listened more carefully, and digested those books I kept for years. I deepened my respect to All teachers who passed down the tradition with an aim to serve the collective mental-mess that is as old as the human history.

Adaptability to Change via Meditation & Chanting: During the first few weeks of the pandemic, It wasn't easy to sit with my thoughts. This was partly because I was researching into the situation a lot. Then I stopped, and began to simply observe in silence and accept the situation. This awareness revealed the innate peace of my neurology. It helped me harmonize the negative and encouraged me to take action for building more adaptive qualities.

It was a great reminder; what makes us human is our ability to adapt to change.

Devotional chants sprinkled joy to my heart, I cleaned and reorganised my house with their calming vibrations in the background, cooked with them, read with them .

My intuition is thankful for that.

Community matters: Love makes the world go around:

One kind heart reaching to another can shift the day.

Books turned up in my post box unexpectedly- sent by studio members, keeping me ever busy with wonderful topics such as Psychology, Plants, Emotional Healing and so on.

Others dropped off hand made gifts at the door- keeping social distance while their heart-felt notes felt like the warmest hug.

Pictures of simple daily moments dropping in my inbox; whether its lighting candles to darkness, nature walks or self-practice images joined by children and animal friends inspired me immensely & re-assured me, I am never alone.

Slideshow of beautiful images are below:

So.... The studio is re-opening on Wednesday,17 June with summer courses.

We'll come together to continue leaning onto our movement practice that yields space, ease, and room for growth and integration.

We'll continue to find our centre for it will carry us through what is important & meaningful in these present times and what is ahead.

Thank you!

With Love,



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