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autumn wellness tips: part 2: Boost Your Immune System with Alkaline Diet

Food is our strongest urge and the main source of energy. Everything we eat whether it is apple or chocolate goes to the same cell so that it can be burnt and transformed into energy. Ideal food for human body is designed to work as a battery and bring health & happiness. It involves the freshest, highly nutritional and most flavourful ingredients.

The biggest factor in making the right food decision is knowing its Acid- Alkaline balance. With Alkaline food such as plants, we get less low moods, more good feelings. Our energy levels significantly increase.

With Acidic food such as sugar, caffeine, alcohol or meat we rotten from inside; depression and ill health follows.

Consider ; what waste- ash-will each food leave in your system? In above case chocolate leaves acidic waste due to its high sugar content and poor nutritional value. Growing number of evidence points out a plant-based diet. The food that grows from ground help prevent chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Ultimately we are eating to feed our cells and they desire natural, unprocessed food. Therefore the journey the food has gone through to reach your table from the Earth should have minimal adventure.

Eat Green, Stay Clean!


Eating seasonal treasures during Autumn gives you the freshest, most flavourful foods at their peak of ripeness and nutrition. It can significantly impact how you feel & move during Autumn and provide all the antidote.

Plants are fiber-rich and they are abundant in the fall and winter to support better intestinal health. Digestion of plants are simple as they already contain enzymes so our body doesn't have to produce it. This way so our stomach doesn't have to use as much energy to break it down.

Dark green, leafy vegetables are the most alkaline and fiber-rich food. They are high in mineral and low in sugar. Consume more broccoli, kale, spinach, cucumber, zucchini. Add celery and cabbage for better hormonal health.


Thyme, peppermint, cayenne oregano, ginger, turmeric, cumin; these spices not only taste amazing, they are also energetically warming and grounding - in this cool season. Additionally, they help with digestion and the removal of excess mucus.

Add a table spoonful to your meal every day .



Do not hesitate to eat lots of oil. Consume good fats such as olive oil, coconut oil, nuts (almonds, walnuts, cashews, hazelnuts), seeds (sunflower, pumpkin), avocado, and Ghee.

Omega 3 and coconut oil sends electric to brain. Olive oil lessens fat in liver and prevents cancer.


Source of minerals:

Minerals glue us together. Mineral deficiency can cause DNA damage. All fast food is mineral deficient.

Increase your Calcium intake; it is the most alkaline mineral. Make sure to eat handful of nuts every day. They are full of proteins, oils and minerals.

Go easy on Fruits, they are high in fibre & sugar and low in minerals.

Oranges, Grapefruit and lemon are the best as they live alkaline ash when burnt.


  • Eating after 7pm: Give your digestive system sufficient time to digest and absorb. Go to bed with an empty stomach. Body likes rhythms . Try to drink and eat around the same time. Drink water every time you feel like snacking.

  • Flour, Carbohydrates : Never in history of man , we ate as much carbohydrates. The body translates them as sugar/ glucose. Cereal, toast, cakes, biscuits, pizza, pasta all contain sugar. The body functions much better without it. They are all glucose and put huge pressure on liver.

  • Fried food: Frying the food reduces its nutritional value. Don't kill the food that will give you life. The food we eat should be alive.

  • Refined Sugar: The sweet poison and the most acidic food on Earth. It is crystallised acid extracted from cane, it doesn't have fiber in it and goes straight to the blood system. Insulin hormone is released for help and this wears pancreas out.

  • Reduce dairy consumption & animal products : Reduce cow-milk. Our intestines do not easily digest it. Meat is only registered and digested in the stomach and is acidic .

  • Coffee & Alcohol: They are both neuro-toxic. Just like sugar, they interfere with Neuro-transmitters in our brain and draw calcium and magnesium out of the body. Plus, they are highly acidic. Glass of wine may help you fall a sleep but the quality of your sleep will not be as good.

  • Avoid Antibiotics: As the name suggest they are ANTI-BIO , increase your intake of Antioxidants; readily available in all natural food particularly in red-dark red coloured vegetables and fruits.

Eat high fiber, substantial protein, sufficient fats across the day. If you feel hungry between meals drink water.

Nurture yourself ; Alkaline-Detoxify-Regenerate!

Happy Autumn!



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