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autumn wellness tips: part 1: sunshine, exercise & rest

Welcome to Fall. The season of Transformation. Leaves are starting to change colour. Air is changing with the cool winds and new crops of fruits and vegetables are being harvested. It’s time to rethink our daily routines for healthier transition.

Let us begin with Sunshine, Exercise & Rest as these are vital for our physical, mental & emotional wellbeing.


Store Vitamin D

Spend 15 mins in the sun every day:

You only need 15 mins of sunlight on your face a day to get the vitamin D.

Go out, close your eyes and let the eyelids look up, absorb the sunlight then look down and open your eyes. It will increase the circulation to eyeball and improve your eyesight. This way your brain will get sun too.

Don't miss the first hour of the day:

Your eyes are extension of your brain. Different sun rays give different messages to your brain and reduce depression particularly when the early morning light is absorbed in the eyes .Wake up early and experience early morning light.

Your bones and teeth need calcium, your eyes need sun. Let your eyes experience the sunrise & sunset and admire the beautiful picture painted in the sky.

Expose the parts of your body that are not well in the sun:

When ultraviolet sun rays hit the skin they convert a form of cholesterol into Vitamin D. Vitamin D is the anti-cancer vitamin, it stops cancer cells developing and even help reverse their growth. Sunlight kills the fungus in the body and helps assimilation of Calcium. All other minerals can flood in with good assimilation of Calcium in the body. It is essential for strong bones. Remember, Osteoporosis is caused by lack of vitamin D, calcium and sunshine.

Don't lay there too long:

Of course, over-exposure to the Sun can cause trauma in skin cells but this is true if you are de-hydrated, drink coffee and eat unsaturated fat for breakfast ( margarine etc, that causes toxic fat on skin ). Don't wash yourself with soap 2 hours before or after.

So, No caffeine, stay well hydrated, eat nourishing breakfast and don't lay there too long.


Try to go to bed early and wake early.

Get more out of your day and more out of your life by going to sleep early and waking early. Sleep in the dark so your brain is getting clear message that is night.

During sleep, our pineal gland releases tension and rejuvenates hormones

between 10pm-3am.

These are "hours of power"

and it must be given to the body.

The hormones associated with sleep are:

Serotonin: the feel-good hormone: Both children and adults don't feel good if they don't get enough sleep. Going to bed early will help release of the serotonin.

Arginine Vasotosin: pain reliever: If you are suffering from any type of pain , go to bed early and it will help.

Epithalamin : slows down aging and increases learning capacity.

We should never stop learning. Order new books, take up a new interest or deepen your knowledge on existing activities . Your brain gets younger as you continue to learn.

Melatonin: Rejuvenation: If you can't function without a cup of coffee in the morning know that you are not rejuvenated in sleep.

Healthy functioning of these hormones can help with healing of the body & mental health. Stop looking at your computer & phone screen in the evening. Flashes of light overstimulates your brain and doesn't allow it to rejuvenate. Most dangerous time to use them is during your "hours of power".


In Ayurveda, Autumn is a time when Agni (fire) begins to cool down so we need to turn up our inner fire to sustain us through the colder months.

A daily routine of minimum 1 hour of exercise can increase the blood circulation and bring more oxygen into the system. It will also help the output of the hormones mentioned and release waste.

Continue your yoga practice with a focus on the lungs and large intestines, as these are the two organs associated with the fall season.

And finally , nothing can stand against a good laughter .Laugh a lot! Stop worrying. A Broken spirit dries up the bones.

There is no body like yours. Be your own doctor.

Take care.



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