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  • Meric Ekren


I’m sharing here some thoughts that came this morning and hope you may relate.

During my time in Japan last month I did a lot of walking. The third toe of my right foot started bleeding 2 days after entering Japan. I initially thought that too much walking was the case. I considered my large Norwegian wool socks. It become a riddle for me and continued to pondered on the experience. I even researched what the foot represents emotionally and mentally. I could go on about representations of the foot biologically, energetically.

Where I choose to stand is the “freedom of choice” I’m given in all I do, feel, or think. We all are. We create our reality from this foundation of where we “choose” to stand and perceive. In the case of my foot in Japan I chose to perceive it as a reflection of where I was standing. It was neither right nor wrong, but it was a symbol I used as a lesson learned while walking my own path.

Masters (Gurus) in India are said to stand on the foundation of Truth. They walk the path and their footsteps become a thread for us to follow. This is why in Indian Culture the foot of the guru is shown respect and revered. In Buddhism the foot (pāda in Sanskrit) is also in Hindu culture referred to as “Buddha’s footprints”.

So, how does pāda refer to us on and off the mat? Upon which foundation (truth) are we building our yoga practice? What intention do we have as we step onto the mat? No answer is better or more righteous than the other… Just know that you create your reality from that foundation.

What is Truth? You are. I am. What is you or I? Love.

Remember that yoga is not about gaining something we don’t have. Instead it’s about reducing the illusions we thought ourselves to be and that is the remembrance of Love.

Om Shanti.


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